Selection Policy

The Selection Policy shall form part of the Club Rules.

The purpose of the Selection Committee is to select all senior teams that are representing the Club.

The Selection Committee shall consist of the elected Chairman of Selection, the Captains and/or Vice Captains of each Senior XI. In addition a Head Coach (or their representative) can attend if required.

Attendance at the Selection Meeting is compulsory, irrespective of whether a Captain’s XI has a fixture.

The Selection Committee shall meet on the Monday (Tuesday if Bank Holiday) prior to the weekend of the teams fixtures. Start time 7.45pm.

It is the policy of the Club & therefore the Selection Committee, that for all Senior League fixtures the strongest available XI at the time of the meeting shall be selected.

All players shall inform a member of the Selection Committee prior to the start of the meeting of their availability.

All players shall inform the Selection Committee prior to the meeting of their prioritisation of selection. i.e. Batter/Bowler/Wicketkeeper.

No player shall be selected unless the Selection Committee have received a commitment as to the player’s availability.

All selected players must be notified by the Captain (or his representative) no later than the Wednesday preceding a fixture.

Once selected & informed, a player who refuses to play for the team they are selected for, may forfeit their rights for future selection & may also result in further disciplinary action.

Should a player drop-out, the Captain of the selected team should select a player from the Team immediately below. Note where 6XI’s are concerned he should select from the named reserve pool.

In the event of a player dropping out a Captain will immediately contact the Captain of the XI directly below to discuss a suitable replacement.

Replacements in teams should be selected to fill the same position as the player dropping out. i.e. Top Order Batter for a Top Order Batter, Seam Bowler for a Seam Bowler.

Members (Senior, Junior & Youth) of the Club must be selected before Non-Members (with the exception of Trialists).

The selection of players can only come from those who according to the Club Treasurer are paid up members of the Club (with the exception of Trialists).

Trialists should be selected for a minimum of three matches and no more than five matches before being submitted to the Management Committee for Club membership.

If a player is dropped at the meeting they must be selected into the team immediately below (unless called up as a replacement).

Should a player become available after the Selection Committee has met,they may only be selected should a drop-out occur and only after consultation with the Chairman of Selection and the appropriate Captains has taken place.

The decision of selection is by the Selection Committee, not the Chairman alone.

The Chairman of Selection has the right to overrule a decision but only after consultation with other Management Committee members.

The Chairman of Selection may and where appropriate nominate a deputy.

The Captains may and where appropriate nominate a deputy.

Should a player have a grievance with their selection, they must in the first instance discuss it with the Captain of the team they are selected in. The Captain must then bring it to the attention of the Chairman of Selection. If then required it must be discussed with the Chairman of Playing Committee who must report the grievance to the Club Management Committee.