Richard Burd


Date of Birth: 9th June 1981
Nickname(s): Burdy, Zammo, Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd
Cricket Role: Middle Order Bully – retired Pie chucker.
Previous Team(s): None
H.C.C. Debut: 1991
Highest Score: 130 – Not against the likes of ‘Knighty’ Take note Murray.
Best Bowling: Been a few 5’s in a game somewhere.
Greatest Cricketing Moment: Getting Dev Ghandi out with a ball he had never faced before – a
rank long hop. 12 ball 50 on Bournemouth tour.
Worst Cricketing Moment: Our 2nd XI Captain Phil Brooks declaring whilst I was on 98*.
What a nice chap! Doing my back in during a 20/20 match and
getting into an ambulance whilst Sealey was making a picture
portfolio of it on his camera.
Cricketing Heroes: Barry Brooks and his coffin.
Favourite Ground: Wickford, Winchmore Hill
Worst Ground: Chelmsford, Harold Wood
Hobbies/Interests: Poker, Fishing, Making Cameron Bite.
Funniest Cricketing Moment: Muzza telling me about getting 200 against a special needs team.
Biffo dropping a catch at mid-off and blaming Dean Skipper for
being in his eye-line at fine leg 70 yards away. Pat Sweeney and
his school of umpiring.!
Pet Hates: People who talk a good game. The 4 o’clock tea thieves.
Pushing out sight-screens.
Any Superstitions: Cigarette at drinks break.
Favourite Music: Old house n Garage, Indy
Favourite TV Show(s): Family Guy, Sky Channel 906, The Real Hustle
Favourite Actor/ Actress: Adam Sandler, Pamela Anderson
Favourite Film: The Hangover, Casino, Bruno, Leon
Favourite Food: Chinese / Indian
Favourite Drink: Strawpeedo’s, JD
Newspapers/Magazines Read: Zoo, Racing Post, The Sun

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