Phil Ayres


Date of Birth: It was in black and white. I have Noah and Moses as friends on Facebook.
Nickname(s): Pubic (Ayres), Grandad.
Cricket Role: Watching the “Bonesy roll” from 1st slip.
Previous Team(s): Gidea Park, Brentwood, Hornchurch Wasps FC U9’s.
H.C.C. Debut: 2013. cold, dark, wet…. really enjoyed it.
Highest Score: 9* at Havering-Atte-Bower.
Best Bowling: Once got one to “drift and spit” in the nets.
Greatest Cricketing Moment: Putting “Oh when the Spurs…” in Muzza’s laptop startup, very
Worst Cricketing Moment: Being in the changing room when Whitlock let’s one rip!
Cricketing Heroes: Big Muz
Favourite Ground: Starbucks Medium House Blend….deeeeeeelish!!
Worst Ground: Ardleigh Green should be burnt down.
Hobbies/Interests: Seal clubbing, the works of Ronnie Barker.
Funniest Cricketing Moment: Jamie Sorrell at full tilt…. enough said.
Pet Hates: Small changing rooms.
Any Superstitions: Rubbing my lucky rabbit’s foot in the hope that Ardleigh Green will
be burnt down.
Favourite Music: Cher
Favourite TV Show(s): The Sonny and Cher Show
Favourite Actor/ Actress: Cher
Favourite Film: Moonstruck – bet you can’t guess who’s in it…
Favourite Food: Anything that’s not a crab stick.
Favourite Drink: Mountain Dew, Tab Clear
Newspapers/Magazines Read: Exchange & Mart, Dalton’s Weekly