Paul Murray Jnr


Date of Birth: 16th May 1983
Nickname(s): Paul
Cricket Role: Opening Batsman/Wicket Keeper
Previous Team(s): None
H.C.C. Debut: 1994
Highest Score: 210* vs Britannic Lodge
Best Bowling: 4 – 35
Greatest Cricketing Moment: Leading Club in League Cup Final.
Worst Cricketing Moment: Getting run out for a Diamond.
Cricketing Heroes: Jack Russell, Adam Gilchrist
Favourite Ground: Woodford Well & Wickford
Worst Ground: Horndon
Hobbies/Interests: West Ham, Golf, Fishing
Funniest Cricketing Moment: When Craig Smith got knocked out dropping a ball in slips which then hit him square on the Nut!.
Pet Hates: Poor Umpires
Any Superstitions: None work.
Favourite Music: House
Favourite TV Show(s): Geordie Shaw
Favourite Actor/ Actress: Nicholas Cage & Angelina Jolie
Favourite Film: Shawshank Redemption
Favourite Food: Kebab
Favourite Drink: Kopperburg
Newspapers/Magazines Read: The Sun & Nuts

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