Jack Filtness


Date of Birth: 23rd February 1993
Nickname(s): Wingnut/String/Baloo’s/Ronnie
Cricket Role: Bowler
Previous Team(s): None
H.C.C. Debut: 2005
Highest Score: 53
Best Bowling: 5 – 36
Greatest Cricketing Moment: Bowling 21 overs in the Fours
Worst Cricketing Moment: Having a row on the pitch with the opening bat in the final of the U15/O40’s match
Cricketing Heroes: Paul Murray
Favourite Ground: Harrow Lodge Park
Worst Ground: Cooper’s Rubber Pitch
Hobbies/Interests: Snooker
Funniest Cricketing Moment: Charlie Pigram giving it one to the opening bowler of Willow Herb’s, (flipper’s just been flopped).
Pet Hates: Those who think they’re something they are not.
Any Superstitions: Haven’t got one.
Favourite Music: Oasis
Favourite TV Show(s): Shameless
Favourite Actor/ Actress: Danny Dyer
Favourite Film: Shawshank Redemption
Favourite Food: Curry
Favourite Drink: WKD Blue
Newspapers/Magazines Read: The Sun (page 3)