Danny Jones


Date of Birth: 14/12/1978
Nickname(s): Windows
Cricket Role: Bag Carrier
Previous Team(s): None
H.C.C. Debut: May 2009
Highest Score: 54
Best Bowling: 0 – 0
Greatest Cricketing Moment: Getting more than 10. (I am an opener)
Worst Cricketing Moment: Taking up Cricket
Cricketing Heroes: Cyril Wolstenholme
Favourite Ground: Met Police
Worst Ground: Met Police
Hobbies/Interests: Anything but Cricket
Funniest Cricketing Moment: Watching Aubrey
Pet Hates: Lazy in the field.
Any Superstitions: Trying to get out of playing cricket.
Favourite Music: Eminem
Favourite TV Show(s): Inbetweeners
Favourite Actor/ Actress: Robert De Niro
Favourite Film: Godfather
Favourite Food: Guinness
Favourite Drink: Guinness
Newspapers/Magazines Read: I can’t read.