Daniel Foxton


Date of Birth: 27th October 1985
Nickname(s): Foxy
Cricket Role:Bowler, Slogger
Previous Team(s): None
H.C.C. Debut: To long ago to remember.
Highest Score: 51*
Best Bowling: 5 – 17
Greatest Cricketing Moment: Getting 50.
Worst Cricketing Moment: Getting Run out by my Dad.
Cricketing Heroes: Freddy Flintoff and Sir Ian Botham
Favourite Ground: Cromer Road
Worst Ground: Met Police
Hobbies/Interests: Rugby, Football, Cars
Funniest Cricketing Moment: Dave Cunial Star-trekking when getting his first wicket.
Pet Hates: People Moaning.
Any Superstitions: Same Pants each week.
Favourite Music: Any
Favourite TV Show(s): Two and a Half Men
Favourite Actor/ Actress: Megan Fox
Favourite Film: To many to name.
Favourite Food: All but Salad and Veggies.
Favourite Drink: All
Newspapers/Magazines Read: Nuts and Zoo