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Hashim Amla


Max Osbourne


Paul Walter


Peter Williams

Date of Birth: 6th February 1961 Nickname(s): Peter Griffin - Family Guy Cricket Role: Coach, League Committee Member Previous Team(s): Loughton, Upminster, Ilford Catholics, Buckhurst Hill H.C.C. Debut: 2014 Highest Score: 56 Best Bowling: 8 - 11 Greatest Cricketing Moment: Debut at Buckhurst Hill, took 8 wickets. Worst Cricketing Moment: 1st ball ... More

Luke Williams

Date of Birth: 3rd June 1996 Nickname(s): None Cricket Role: All Rounder Previous Team(s): Upminster, Loughton H.C.C. Debut: Sunday, 20th April 2014 Highest Score: 87 Best Bowling: 6 - 19 Greatest Cricketing Moment: Scoring first 50 at Town Malling. Worst Cricketing Moment: Golden quacker at Loughton in Cricket Week. Cricketing Heroes: Brian ... More

Myles Wells

Date of Birth: 4th April 1980 Nickname(s): Milo Cricket Role: Bowler/Fielder Previous Team(s): John Ross College Old Boys C.C. / Richards Bay C.C H.C.C. Debut: 14th May 2004 Highest Score: 73* vs Eshikaneri C.C. - 60 vs Hainault & Clayhall in 2007 Best Bowling: 7 – 78 vs Colchester in 2007 Greatest Cricketing Moment: Being given out LBW on ... More

Marc Whitlock

Date of Birth: 6th October 1977 Nickname(s): Wogan Cricket Role: Spin Bowler Previous Team(s): None H.C.C. Debut: 1987 Highest Score: 156* vs Basildon Best Bowling: 8 - 32 for Sat 3rd XI Greatest Cricketing Moment: My first League 100 & my first Hat Trick. Worst Cricketing Moment: Every time I lose. Cricketing Heroes: Sir Ian Botham Favourite ... More

Ed Warren

Date of Birth: 25th September 1982 Nickname(s): Reg - Hollis - Bacon - Pig Cricket Role: All-Rounder Previous Team(s): Colchester and East Essex H.C.C. Debut: May 2005 Highest Score: 102 @ Westcliffe Best Bowling: 6 - 57 @ Colchester Greatest Cricketing Moment: Smashing Cameron Nupier for 20 in one over. Worst Cricketing Moment: Any time I ... More

Michael Wade

Date of Birth: 12th August 1994 Nickname(s): Wady, Legend Cricket Role: Bowler Previous Team(s): None H.C.C. Debut: 2002 Highest Score: 37 Best Bowling: 8 - 1 - 34 - 5 Greatest Cricketing Moment: Playing with legend ‘Charlie Jacobs’. Worst Cricketing Moment: Sprained ankle and knee as wicket keeper. Cricketing Heroes: Freddie Flinto... More

Govinda Tiwari

Date of Birth: 15th November 1994 Nickname(s): Gay Cricket Role: All-Rounder Previous Team(s): None H.C.C. Debut: U11's Highest Score: 88* Best Bowling: 4 - 11 Greatest Cricketing Moment: First 50. Worst Cricketing Moment: Getting a Golden Duck. Cricketing Heroes: Frankie Jacobs Favourite Ground: Harrow Lodge Park Worst Ground: Met ... More