2008 Review

The 2008 League season will go down in Hornchurch’s history as greatly disappointing on one hand, but extremely encouraging on the other. To miss out in three competitions at the final hurdle in the manner we did, is heartbreaking, especially as we had done so well to get to two finals and pushing for promotion to the ... More

2007 Review

As the 2007 season finished we were left to reflect upon it being slightly disappointing from one angle but greatly encouraging from another. Except for our 1st XI all our other teams played in the top division of their respective Leagues. Obviously this means playing at the highest levels and with the lack of availab... More

2006 Review

Although this season could, in some respects, be described as a little disappointing, there was certainly encouraging progress made in several areas, particularly with regard to Youth Cricket. Whenever a new season begins in any sport there is always a degree of optimism and that was certainly the case within the Club ... More

2005 Review

We have been proud in recent seasons to record memorable times for Hornchurch Cricket Club. As we started this season with all six teams in the highest leagues, we knew it was going to be more of a challenge and that it proved to be. Except for our 1st XI all the teams did reasonably well, managing to establish themselves ... More

2004 Review

The 2003 season was, in terms of the Club's long 220 year history an outstanding year, but a year later, we realised that the 2004 season emulated and surpassed 2003 in every way. To finish the season knowing that promotion was gained to the Premier Division of the Shepherd Neame Essex League by our first four eleven's ... More

2003 Review

Well, what a season, our 220th to be precise, and we look back with a great sense of achievement both on and off the field. The 2003 season will probably be recorded as our best to date with regards to honours, with four out of the five Saturday teams winning their respective leagues and an East London and Essex Business ... More

2002 Review

2002 was probably the most memorable season on and off the field in the clubs long history. The success of the Saturday 1st XI (pictured below), was outstanding, winning their League with several games in hand. The addition of the former New Zealand Test Player, Chris Drum, to the team encouraged the rest of the squad ... More

2001 Review

All in all it was a good season for Hornchurch Cricket club. Having sought the services of a full-time groundsman over the winter and the return of three players from our local rivals buoyed the club with great optimism for the season ahead. Two out of the four teams were promoted but, unfortunately, the 1st XI lost the ... More