Ken’s Tales 03

Bert’s Roundabout

Bert Towner and ‘Uncle Ted’ had been to a Masonic Meeting in London. There is no doubt a great deal of ale had been put away.

As far as I know, they probably left London about midnight.

Uncle Ted was sitting in the back of Bert’s car. Bert always preferred this arrangement as he could then turn round and talk to his passenger. He saw nothing strange in this.

Knowing Bert, I should imagine that he was travelling most of the time at about 80 miles per hour.

After a time, Uncle Ted dropped off. This did not matter, Bert still carried on a conversation with him.

After about 25 minutes they had reached the dual carriageway, Ripple Road. Bert put his foot down and turned around and said to Uncle Ted that they would, ‘soon be home’.

It was at this moment that they hit the roundabout by the ‘Volunteer Pub’. The car took off and so did Uncle Ted. The result was chaotic. Uncle Ted landed up underneath the dashboard of the car on the passenger’s side. Bert went through the windscreen. The car was a write–off.

Uncle Ted spent some time in hospital. As luck would have it Bert hit his head and suffered little real damage.

The next week they built the flyover that is in use today.

(The Volunteer Pub has since been demolished and the flyover is now a 3 lane underpass. Ed)