Ken Scolding

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Ken Scolding in February 2009 after a long illness. Ken joined Hornchurch in 1947 and was still an active member until a few years ago. As a well respected and long standing member of the Club, Ken will be remembered for his outstanding contributions, his love of the game and the smiles he brought to many people. Unfortunately, we must also announce the passing of Ken’s wife Katie earlier this year, (2010).The Committee and all the Club members would like to extend their deepest sympathy to their remaining family. Essex County Cricket Club recently awarded Ken a trophy for 25 years of Loyal Service to Hornchurch CC. Obviously at 88 years of age it was not an award for his fast bowling or for opening the batting, but for service behind the scenes (or screens!)

His award was for 25 continuous years, but Ken’s dedication to Hornchurch Cricket Club goes back much further than a quarter of a century.

Ken, we believe, was born on 26th October 1915. He attended Eltham College and it was as an old Elthamian that he moved from Chislehurst to Hornchurch. On the 10th May 1947, at a Committee Meeting held at the Harrow Lodge Pavilion, Ken was elected a member of the Club.

Prior to cricket at Hornchurch, Ken was a paid up member of the Second World War. He was in the RAF and during the latter part of hostilities was transferred to glider operations. On 24th March 1945 he could be seen piloting his craft and it’s cargo towards the Rhine. Having landed, next came the tricky bit. The one problem with gliders is that once you’ve completed your mission you have to make your own way back to good old Blighty. It’s been said that after a good day at cricket and a better evening in the pub (the Pavilion didn’t have a bar) he had more trouble getting back from the White Hart than he did from the Rhine.

Ken would be the first to admit he was no superstar with bat or ball, but he was a good captain with the best of his work being done in the Pavilion (at the bar!). After a few years as Vice Captain of the Sunday XI he became Captain in 1955 and continued into 1956 when he also took over the Treasurers post from Alf Scott. This position he occupied without interruption until 1975. In between time he was Club Chairman from 1972 to 1975, Saturday 2nd XI Captain 1957 to 1964 and had various Vice Captain positions later on.

During this period Ken and the ever young Katie did much entertaining. A day at Parkstone over the Christmas period was a sheer delight. The large entrance hall welcomed you with an equally large fireplace, plus an equally large barrel of bitter. On one occasion Ken was unable to obtain his usual quota of festive logs. Visitors were greeted with a blazing fire made up not of logs – but wooden toilet seats! This really was a ‘Bumper’ Christmas.

In recent years Ken assisted with the 100 Club, preparing the Club for all manner of Social evenings, and catching the ‘little bastards’ (his name for Colts and Junior Members) who had not paid their subs.

Many years ago Ken wrote several short anecdotes about events involving the Club and its members. He will be amused to know that they still exist, so a few of them have been added to this site; just click the links below.

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