Code of Conduct

Players Code of Conduct & Responsibilities

This Club has adopted the following code of conduct as laid down by the Essex County Cricket Board and has commended it to all its officials & players.

This Code of Conduct applies to all matches played by this Club.

This Club accepts responsibility for the behaviour of its officials & players, and will take the necessary disciplinary action against any individual who fails to comply with this Code.

Players will observe the highest standards of etiquette, sportsmanship, behaviour, and dress, both on and off the field in keeping with the dignity and best traditions of the game, and of the Club.

This Club will not accept intimidation, aggressive behaviour or deliberate distraction of our opponents.

This Club will not accept any dissent at umpires’ decisions.

This Club expects all Captains & Team Managers to exercise suitable control over their teams.

Players are to notify their respective Team Captains or Managers at the earliest opportunity if non-availability occurs after selection.

All players are to arrive promptly at the stated meet times.

Players must contact their respective Team Captain or Manager if there is any doubt as to the playing of the match.

Players will not be contacted as a matter of course should a match be cancelled.

Failure to comply with any of the above may well result in disciplinary action from the Committee.