Club Rules





The Club shall be called “HORNCHURCH CRICKET CLUB”.


The colours of the Club shall be Red and Black.


(i) The Club is a non-profit organisation; all monies raised are strictly used to further the objectives of the Club.

(ii) The Club Objectives are:-

To provide a friendly club environment for people to play cricket at all levels.
To maintain and improve the quality of the playing and training facilities.
To maintain and improve the facilities available to players, officials and all visitors.
To assist in the improvement of all players cricketing ability.
To encourage young people to play cricket through the CRICKET FOR ALL Programme.
To develop cricket in the local community.
To assist in the development of cricket with the Essex County Cricket Board


(i) The Officers of the Club shall be the:-

President, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Fixtures Secretary, Honorary Minutes Secretary, Honorary Membership Secretary

(ii) All decisions taken by the Officers are subject to appeal to the Management Committee.


(i) The management and administration of the Club shall be the responsibility of the Management Committee.

(ii) The Management Committee shall consist of:-

President, Chairman, Vice-Chairman Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Fixtures Secretary, Honorary Minutes Secretary, Honorary Membership Secretary, and the Chairmen of the Standing Sub-Committees (Rule 6(i)) with four to form a quorum.

(iii) The Management Committee may remove from office any member of its Committee who fails to attend three consecutive meetings of the Committee, or fails or is unable to discharge his proper responsibilities to the Club.

(iv) The Management Committee have the power to fill any vacancies arising under Rule 4(i) and Rule 5(ii).

(v) The Management Committee shall have the powers to deal with any matters of the Club not specifically provided for in these Rules and take such steps that they consider appropriate.

(vi) All decisions taken by the Management Committee shall be by a majority vote of those elected members present with four required to form a quorum.


(i) The following shall be Standing Sub-Committees of the Club:-

The Playing Committee, The Facilities Committee
The Social & Fund Raising Committee, The Bar Committee
The Ladies Committee, The Youth Committee, and
The Ground Committee

(ii) The Chairman and Honorary Secretary of the Club shall be ex-officio members of the Standing Sub-Committees.

(iii) The functions and the duties of the Standing Sub-Committees shall be defined by the Management Committee.

(iv) All decisions of the Standing Sub-Committees shall be subject to confirmation by the Management Committee.


(i) The Chairman of the Selection Committee shall be selected by the Management Committee and may be any paid up member of the Club.

(ii) The Selection Committee shall comprise the Chairman and the elected Captains only. In the event of a Captain being unavailable for a Selection Meeting, they may be represented by their elected Vice Captain.

(iii) All Members shall abide by the selection policy of the Club as specified in the Fixture and Handbook.


(i) An Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held with no more than 15 months lapsing between one Annual Meeting and another.

(ii) The Annual General Meeting shall:-

(a) elect for the coming season the Officers (Rule 4(i)), the Chairmen of the standing Sub-Committees (Rule 6(i)), the Chairmen of such other Sub-Committees as may be deemed necessary by the meeting, the Captains and Vice-Captains, and Vice Presidents and Life Members (Rule 9(ii)).
(b) receive the Honorary Secretary’s Report and the Honorary Treasurer’s Financial Statement, appoint the Club’s Honorary Auditor, and agree the annual subscriptions and match fees for the coming season, and
(c) deal with any other matters.

(iii) A Special General Meeting may be convened by either the Management Committee or TEN members of the Club who join together requiring the Management Committee to do so. Only matters tabled on the agenda may be discussed at such a meeting.

(iv) A majority vote will be sufficient to carry resolutions at these meetings apart from resolutions adding to or amending the Rules of the covered by Club Rule 13 or, in the case of the Dissolution of the Club (Rule 14).

(v) All members of the Club, except Associate Members may vote on matters arising at these meetings.

(vi) A minimum of fourteen days written notice of any Annual or Special General Meeting must be given to members of the Club.


Membership is open to anyone who wishes to apply regardless of their sex, ability or culture.

(i) There shall be six categories of Club membership as follows:-

(a) Life Members
(b) Vice-Presidents
(c) Playing Members

(i) Senior Members
(ii) Junior Members

(d) Non-Playing Members
(e) Associate Members
(f) Youth Members

(ii) The election of Life Members and Vice-Presidents shall vest in the General Meetings of the Club. The election of all other categories of membership of the Club shall vest in the Management Committee.

(iii) The Annual Subscription of all categories of membership, apart from Life Members and Vice-Presidents who may make a voluntary donation to the Club, will be agreed by the Annual General Meeting prior to the coming season.

(iv) The annual subscription for Playing Members shall be agreed for the following grades:-

(a) those under eighteen years of age on 1st May
(b) those over eighteen years of age and in full time education on 1st May
(c) those on Unemployment Benefit or equivalent, or relying solely on a State Income
(d) all other playing members.

(v) Annual Subscriptions for all existing members will be due no later than the 1st June in the current season, and for new members, within 1 calendar month after their election.

The Annual Subscription for any existing Playing member who has not played a game by 1st June in the current season will be due within 1 calendar month of their first game played.
Any Playing member who’s Annual Subscription has not been paid by the relevant due date WILL not be eligible for selection until full payment has been received by the Honorary Treasurer.
Playing Members from grades (b) and (c) above, must notify a Committee Member to ensure they receive the reduced rate of subscription.

(vi) The Match Fee for Playing Members of the Club shall be agreed at the Annual General Meeting prior to the coming season and will be for grades (a) through (d) as Rule 9 item (iv).

(vii) The Clubs membership year shall be from 8th October to 7th October of the following year. Any member who has not paid his/her annual subscriptions by 7th October in any one year shall be considered as having allowed their membership to lapse and therefore shall no longer be a member of the Club.

Reinstatement shall be at the discretion of the Management Committee and any such decision shall only be allowed upon settlement of all outstanding amounts due.

(viii) The Management Committee shall have the power, at its discretion, to review any player’s Annual Subscription or Match Fee.

(ix) All members of the Club are automatically members of the Harrow Lodge Sports and Social Club (HLS & SC) and have voting rights at that Club’s General Meetings.

(x) All members of the Club are required to uphold the Rules of the Club and those of HLS&SC and shall not bring the Club into disrepute by any means whatsoever. These will include, but are not limited to, any type of Internet Forum, Social Media or other forms of media outlet. Any member who does bring the Club into disrepute shall be guilty of misconduct.

Any member may have his or her membership cancelled by the Management Committee or be dealt with by that Committee as they see fit, if they fail to conform to the Rules of the Club or those of HLS&SC or are guilty of misconduct.

(xi) All members of the Club understand and accept that their photograph/s may be taken by authorised Club Members or persons authorised by the Club Management Committee, for use in publicising the Club. This may include publication in the Newspapers, Club literature and on the Club Web site. This rule will apply retrospectively to all members.

Any member who does not wish their photograph to be used must inform the Management Committee in writing at their earliest opportunity.

(xii) For the purposes of the Club Rules, Youth members and those taking part in the Cricket For All programme are not considered as Playing Members and have no voting rights at any Club Meeting, nor may they stand for any Management role within the Club. Subject to their being of applicable League Playing age, they may be invited to participate in League Matches.


(i) Any member disciplined under Rule 9(x) shall have the right to appeal. Such appeal must be made by advising the Honorary Secretary within seven days of notification of the Management Committee’s decision.
(ii) Appeals will be dealt with by an Appeals Committee constituted for that purpose comprising of three Members, none of whom may be Management Committee Members.
(iii) This tribunal will be formed from the voting membership of the Club, with preference being given to Life Members and Vice-Presidents.
(iv) The Management Committee shall have the right of representation at any Appeal Hearing in a non-voting capacity.
(v) The Appeals Committee will be the ultimate authority on matters of discipline and as such will have the power to reverse or alter any decision made originally by the Management Committee.
(vi) Should the Appellant wish to introduce new evidence, or call witnesses that were not heard originally by the Management Committee, then the Honorary Secretary must be so advised in writing at least seven days before the Appeal Hearing.
(vi) Should the offending Member fail to appear before the Management Committee, having been instructed to do so, and without giving a reasonable excuse for not attending, he or she shall forfeit the right to appeal.


(i) On all occasions play shall be in accordance with the Laws of the Marylebone Cricket Club.
(ii) This Club adopts the following code of conduct as laid down by the Essex County Cricket Board and commends it to all its officials and players. This Code of Conduct applies to all matches played by this Club. This Club accepts responsibility for the behaviour of its officials and players and will take the necessary disciplinary action against any individual who fails to comply with this Code.

Players will observe the highest standards of etiquette, sportsmanship, behaviour and dress both on and off the field in keeping with the dignity and best traditions of the game and of the Club. This Club will not accept intimidation, aggressive behaviour or deliberate distraction of our opponents. This Club will not accept any dissent at umpires’ decisions. This Club expects all Captains and Team managers to exercise suitable control over their teams. A failure to comply with any of the above Codes may well result in disciplinary action by the Club.


(i) The Club Equity Statement is:-

This Club is committed to ensuring that equity is incorporated across all aspects of its development. In doing so it acknowledges and adopts the following Sport England definition of sport equity:-

Sport equity is about fairness in sport, equality of access, recognising inequalities and taking steps to address them. It is about changing the culture and structure of sport to ensure it becomes equally accessible to everyone in society.
The Club respects the rights, dignity and worth of every person and will treat everyone equally within the context of cricket played at our Club regardless of age, ability, gender, race, ethnicity, religious belief, sexuality or social/economic status.
The Club is committed to everyone having the right to enjoy their sport in an environment free from threat of intimidation, harassment and abuse.
All club members have a responsibility to oppose discriminatory behaviour and promote equality of opportunity.
The Club will deal with any incidence of discriminatory behaviour seriously, according to club disciplinary procedures


(i) Notice of any proposed additions or alterations of these Rules must be sent in writing to the Honorary Secretary of the Club not less than twenty one days before the General Meeting and must be proposed and seconded by members, excluding Associate Members, of the Club.
(ii) Additions or alterations to these Rules must be carried by a majority in excess of two-thirds of the meeting.


If at a Management Meeting of the Club a Resolution for the dissolution of the Club is passed by a majority of Officers present and that Resolution is approved at a properly convened Special General Meeting held not less than six weeks later (of which not less than fourteen days notice has been given to each Member and at which not less than one half of the Members are present or, in this case, represented by proxy vote) by a majority of 75% of votes cast, the Management Committee of the Club will immediately, or at such future date as is specified in the Resolution, proceed to release all remaining money or possessions of the Club and, after the discharge of all outstanding liabilities, the balance shall be donated to a registered charity as agreed at the Special General Meeting and included in the Resolution. On the completion of this the Club will be dissolved.

HCC Rules 2012