We turn our attention to another ‘golden oldie’ – Clifford Perry who celebrated his 90th birthday a few of years ago. Cliff, now living his retirement in Birchington, Kent, was for many years a very active member of the Hornchurch cricket scene.
His role for many years was that of 1st XI wicketkeeper and he was a delighted recipient of the fielding cup in 1950. Cliff was elected a member on the 17th July 1933 and apart from the interruption of the Second World War gave proud service behind the sticks to the likes of the fast bowlers Tom Mitchell and Alec Selet. His name often appeared in the local paper for some rather high scores at the foot of the batting.

It was interesting to note that when the Club moved to Billet Lane, they played in front of Cliff’s wife Topsy’s former home. This, the large house that stands alongside Langtons, was the former home of Mr & Mrs J.R. Robertson, both past Hornchurch Presidents. Topsy’s brother C.T. Smith was also a Hornchurch regular.

When the 1983 Club Bi-Centenary arrived Cliff and Topsy donated a pair of inscribed pewter goblets. These were initially presented to them by the Club on the occasion of their wedding. They still reside behind the bar in one of the glass cases. We look forward to hopefully seeing you at the Lodge in the near future to perhaps take a dram or two.